~# Welcome to Corrupt Zone Version Two #~
Posted by: Corruption - 09-15-2019, 09:12 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (1)

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Welcome to CZ version 2. Right at the moment where out community was starting to get big, we were sadly taken down.
Now after almost two years of inactivity, I decided it is best to try and restart Corrupt Zone. 
Our old domain http://corrupt.zone is not available anymore (He accepted offer 09/16/19 so its ours again ) so were going to use https://corruptzone.net.
I have send a offer to the owner of the old cz domain and hopefully he will take it since the domain is just parked. 
I know I have allot to explain on why we went down and what happened, but am going to leave that story for another time. 
Version 2 of CZ has totally different theme then the old forum. I feel like this one is much more advanced and less buggy. 
Please feel free to surf around the forums, try to find issues and bugs to report.  
We are working very hard to make this place something special and hopefully this time we will succeed.

Please write feedback on the new style we have. Let me know what you guys like what you don't. I want to know what the community thinks. 

RIP CZ 1.7.2 Old Style  

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