Award Name Description
Known BlackHat Known BlackHat Well now everyone knows your not just a regular.
The Pirate The Pirate Share allot of quality things for CZP and you might get this.
Software Cracker Software Cracker Share any software that you cracked and in time you shall get this.
Account Master Account Master Share quality accounts with the community and we shall give you a gift.

Award Name Description
NetMan NetMan Show us you got at list 100k clients and your the NetMan.
Spooky Spy Spooky Spy Your like malware more then food. For those who show high activity around malware sections.
Mr. SQL Mr. SQL High amount of contribution at SQL Injections & Web App Penetration sections should get you this.

Tech Dude
Award Name Description
Desktop Freak Desktop Freak Show us your PC Build/Setup if it's quality then prepare to be awarded.
Project King Project King Lets see what you have done with your Raspberry Pi.
Linux Who? Linux Who? Prefere Linux and your advanced at it. Then try to help some users who need guidance and we shall grant you this.
NETGuard NETGuard For those who are skilled and higly active in "Networking & Security" sectins.

The Bank
Award Name Description
Businessman Businessman An award for running a successful business at our marketplace.
Banker Banker For those who have currency exchange shops for long period of time.